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"Kira helped me prepare my W-2, 1099, and K-1 forms. She helped me to add deductions that I never thought of using and greatly reduced my tax liability for the year. Not only was she helpful with taxes but, her customer service was greatly appreciated. Kira dropped everything to rush and help me file on time."

Denzo Arango

Trifekta Studios

"Once we purchased Quickbooks we hired Kira to create our QuickBooks data file. She created our Chart of Accounts and also input all our Accounts Receivables and Payables for the year. She was also kind enough to walk us through the process of creating invoices and doing owner draws. Her services saved us a lot of time and money and made our CPA's work smoother."

Josefina Bussolo

"Kira was extremely professional and knowledgeable. She assisted me with my personal and corporate taxes in which she provided a wealth of advice. Highly reccomend!"

Gaia Therapeat

“I called Pristine Books to first help me decide if I should get the online or desktop version of QuickBooks. They understood I prefer complete control of my business and they helped me download the desktop version. They also helped me set up 3 company files in quick books, add all chart of accounts and list items. They helped explain how to enter intercompany transactions, showed me how to enter bank register items, and then to do bank reconciliations, invoices, and bills. Not only are their services very affordable but they are patient, polite and well informed. I highly recommend using Pristine Books for bookkeeping services.”